Mike CattonWould you like to join an awesome group of people who love to learn and grow?

You are invited to attend ‘Inspired’.  ‘Inspired’ is a positive business community supporting your growth, and is created for you. Seminars are held every three months, with new topics each time, giving you an ongoing opportunity for learning, growth and development.

What is ‘Inspired’?

FREE, world class, leadership and performance training for you and others who are likeminded. Practical, engaging and inspiring, these seminars focus on various topics within the fields of ‘leadership’ and ‘peak performance’. For more information about ‘Inspired’

How will I benefit from ‘Inspired’?

‘Inspired’ is designed to support your growth, both personally and as a leader in your organisation. Each seminar contains tips, tools and techniques to help you perform at your best, and you’ll be able to take those ideas back to your organisation to share with your team and use immediately.


The Cost? Genuinely free…

The ‘Inspired Seminar Series’ is FREE and there is no sales pitch so you can relax.  It’s just excellent content delivered in a fun environment.  The ‘Inspired’ Seminars are made possible with the help of our sponsors: Unique Style, Elite6 Business Networking, Get Me Fitter, Just Organic, Winning Habits, The Children’s Clinic, SM Consulting, Concrete Connect, Body Central, Catch Fitness 20 Week Challenge, Coffee News, XBody, Dynamic Communication, Flourish Outsourcing and Mike Catton.


Become a Toyboy and help Older Ladies

By | November 10th, 2016|Humour|

I should have been working, however I decided to go for walk through Northlands Shopping Centre. I saw this beautiful, stylish elderly lady standing in the middle of the arcade with a walking stick. I didn't ask, but I think she would have been in her mid 80’s. We made eye contact - she signalled for me to come over, so I did.

Dermatitis Eczema: Gluten Wheat – The Missing Pieces

By | October 1st, 2015|Health|

Dermatitis Eczema: Gluten Wheat – The Missing Pieces by Dr Rodney Ford - author of the Gluten Syndrome. It is not yet available! But my schedule is to have it published as an Kindle eBook in November 2015. So look out for it!

Trello – Project Management

By | June 26th, 2015|Tips & Advice|

Drop the lengthy email threads, out-of-date spreadsheets, no-longer-so-sticky notes, and clunky software for managing your projects and get Trello, the easy, free, and visual way to organize your important stuff.

Audiobooks – Books that Read to You

By | June 26th, 2015|Personal Development|

I'd like to share an experience with you that has changed the way I think about reading words in books. I have dyslexia so writing, grammar and reading isn't what I like to do on rainy days, instead watching a good movie is more to my liking.


By | June 26th, 2015|News & Articles|

Finding helpful information and expert advice is very important when entering a new business environment. In these early stages, the following organizations may prove particularly helpful.

Business Apps

By | June 26th, 2015|Social Media|

There are now hundreds of thousands of apps available for smartphones and, surprisingly, many of the best are free or very affordable. I love apple products in general however I am pretty sure most of the apps I use and recommend.